Now available inMainland China and Hong Kong SAR Business Information Reports


For thepurpose of helping domestic and foreign enterprises better understand the nearto mid term business impacts of the epidemic to the Chinese enterprises, Dun& Bradstreet has especially added a supplementary interview on the “Effectsof the novel coronavirus on domestic target enterprises” when conductinginvestigation research, particularly the impact of the incident on theresumption and operation of the enterprises, and the enterprises' expectationsof the business impact in the first half of the year.

Dun & Bradstreet notice on coronavirus impact in business informationreport


We startedthe interview with the target enterprises on February 10. Users could view theinvestigation findings in the Current Investigation section of both Mainland Chinaand Hong Kong’s Dun & Bradstreet business information report.

Description of the epidemic impact on the target enterprises in the"Current Investigation" section of business information report


The contentenhancement is available in D&B Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR’s businessinformation report, report subscription platform DBIA, the risk intelligenceplatform D&B Credit and the compliance platform D&B Onboard.


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